Sunday, October 04, 2009

rather ride than drive.

oh. my. God.
I want that one.

And it's a 17-thousand bucks piece.

Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.

I can't ride bikes but I'm SOOO gonna learn to ride it IF I have this.

Maybe we shall have these bikes given away, I guarantee all the young women in the world would dump their cars and have these as a replacement. Beneficial for the eye, beauty, and environment.



Wednesday, September 30, 2009

SPRING SUMMER 2010 -- The New Burberry, The New Vibe of Brits.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of London Fashion Week, Burberry Prorsum had the le grande credibility on having its show as the closing scene. Presented by Christopher Bailey, this collection showed the young, dynamic, and glamorous angle of the classic british identity of Burberry Prorsum.

Having Emma Watson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham to Daisy Lowe filling up the front-row seats, I consider this the best collection the empire of Burberry had ever launched. Playing up bravely with soft-structured lines of draperies and ruffles, combining different textures to materials from satin to sheer ambience, pop-socks and platforms as the sole effect, with a bit of shine and sparkle to add the young spirit, I fell instantly in love with this Burberry collection.

Wont say much more on this, I'll just take you on the best details I found in Burberry Prorsum show in London Fashion week last September.

This is the shine, this is the rhyme. This is the classic beat of Burberry. The everlasting vibe that Brits will always have, no matter how much McQueen, Westwood, or Kane could steal every fashionista's love at first sight. Young, glamorous, luxe, yet classic.

This is still Burberry Prorsum. The Burberry of London.



PS: Check out the complete collection on or!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Fashion Photography Course

Well, shortly, I had a 5-day course about Fashion Photography. It was the first experience I had with cameras as well.

Model :
Heather West, Models1 Management (

Vintage Green Floral Wool Sweater (My Mom's)
Kate Moss for TOPSHOP Leather Pencil Skirt
ZARA Grey Tights

Right :
Jennifer Behr Turban Headwrap
ZARA Jumpsuit
ZARA Red Raincoat

Wasn't so bad for a first-timer, was it?


Stylist and Photographer :

The Fall 2009 Headssentials - 2

The Investment
Jennifer Behr Turban Headwrap
Liberty Store


The Way
TOPSHOP Sheer-Ruffles Striped Sweater Dress
Marks and Spencer Black Opaque Tights
Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Monogram Canvas Bag
Nixon Ladies Time Teller P Watch


And yeah, they're wearing Behr's too..


Kim Kardashian is spotted looking gorgeous in our Sailors Knot Headwrap, in Black. Sophia Bush accented her outfit at the Global Globes with the Petite Crystal and Satin Headwrap. Amy Adams looked ravishing at two of her recent film openings wearing a version of our Petite Feather Whimsy and one of our Gold Orchid Hairpins. Katy Perry performed recently wearing the Double Star Headwrap. Helena Christensen dazzled at Chanel’s Mobile Art Opening wearing the 2" Crystal Lace Headwrap in smoke. Miley Cyrus was spotted in Los Angeles wearing our Wide Lattice Headwrap in gold. Nicole Richie attended New York Fashion Week wearing the Encrusted Crystal and Silk Chiffon Headwrap see it here on Maggie Gyllenhaal appeared on Letterman wearing our Wide Feather Headband in black. DVF . Natalie Portman appeared on Letterman looking beautiful in the Overlapping Crystal Twist in smoke. Paris Hilton brought in the New Year sporting the Overlapping Crystal Twist in crystal.


Gossip Girl Season #1 The Finale!: Leighton Meester, aka Blair, wears the Patent Orchid Headband in pink patent leather. Woman on the Verge: Blair wears the Victorian Crystal Headwrap in cream and the Bubble Stud Headwrap in cognac. Gossip Girl Season #2 The Premiere!: Leighton Meester, aka Blair, wears the Double Rosette Headwrap in cream. The Ex-Files: Blair wears the Double Row Crystal Scallop Headwrap. Never Been Marcused: Blair wears the Silk Satin Headwrap in Pink. Gossip Girl Season #3 Leighton Meester, aka Blair, wears the Vintage Sailors Knot Headwrap and the Art Deco Smoked Crystal Headwrap.




5 Minute Interview with Jade McSorley, Britain's Next Top Model Season 5 2nd Runner Up

It has always been a nice feeling breezing around my mind right since the first second I stepped my way in London. This city is incredibly beautiful--the surroundings, the atmosphere, the style, and mostly, the people.

There could always be someone famous, somewhere. Beautiful, and must be, famous. I always take daily free newspaper at the end of the day, see the-day-before reportage about Pixie Geldof or Kate Moss having a nice after-dinner cocktail in Mayfair, or Spice Girls reunited on a fancy dinner (without Mrs. Becks of course, as she was promoting her collection in L.A. during the fashion week moments) about two days ago. The fortune came to me a bit also, when I met Christopher Kane whilst looking around Dover St. Market on the London Fashion Night Out venue on September the 10th. I didn't get the chance of taking pictures with him, though. It was a bit regretful. But fortunately that wasn't the first time of me meeting famous people; today, I met Jade McSorley, Britain's Next Top Model's 5th Season 2nd Runner Up. I always have watched the show back then in Indonesia, and meeting her was one of the most interesting moment I've ever experienced :)

She was tiny and sweet, yet really a good good model. With the height 5'7", she could really look so tall in pictures with her amazing body proportion. I was in my Fashion Photography Class in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and she was one of the models working for us on the shoot.

Here are some pictures of her, taken from the competition.

As the was waiting for her make up to be done, I had a small chit-chat with her about the competition. I consider it as "5-minute Interview with Jade McSorley" :)

It's really nice to see you! Me and all my friends back in Indonesia watched the show a lot.
Really? I don't even know that it would be broadcasted that far!

So how do you feel about the show? Tell me about it.
Well, it's really exciting to be in there because you met different kinds of people, challenged for a different thing every single day.

Are those dramas in the show real? Or was it just their scenario to make the show interesting?
No, no, of course it's all real! We didn't really do those on purpose, but what can I say? There was quite a supply of alcohol and you were isolated in one place with the same people day by day for weeks, you could only make phone calls for three minutes. The rivalry went even harder and harder every day as more contestants got eliminated.

I used to see the life in the show as a really dream-come-true kind of life, but after I heard all those things from you, I realized how tought it was to be there.
Oh yes, it was. But you know, I feel like I want the best thing, so I have to work much harder as well.

So now you're in Models1 Agency and moved here to London. Are you staying with some model friends?
No, I was moving here with my boyfriend.

Wow, that was really sweet. What does he do here?
He's a Bar Manager. Apparently we're living on the top of a Bar. Ha ha ha!

Are you up to the London Fashion Week as well? I bet every model is doing some shows, isn't it?
Yeah, I'll be doing some but see, I'm quite tiny for a catwalk model.

But I see that you have really good posture and expression. I wish you luck in the industry, Jade! It's really nice to meet you :)
Nice to meet you too, it's my pleasure, good luck with the course and the styling thing :)


Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Fall 2009 Headssentials - 1

The Investment
Angora Trilby Hat, River Island


The Way
TOPSHOP Extended-Shoulder Jacket
Marc by Marc Jacobs Brandon Boyd Charity T-Shirt
Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Monogram Canvas Bag
Marc by Marc Jacobs Skinny Jeans
Fred Perry Vintage Tennis Sneakers


The Feeling

:) :) :)

to be continued



Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

It was another day in paradise, when you were chosen as one of the representatives of UK's 1000 Faces by Rankin (

Yeah. He was doing his own portrait by taking pictures of 1000 UK People which considered having strong and very own individual characters. Those who were interested had to send a motivation essay plus anything that relates to their individual character expression, and also a portrait. He then chose those faces, and took their pictures as 'his own portrait' as the photographer; those pictures united as one, is Rankin himself.

But instead of wondering how he would feel like, I'd rather think about my other day in paradise ; having myself dressed up and shot by Rankin (

I was first really confused about the styling and the mood for the picture. Rankin did the pictures of Heidi Klum to Kate Moss. Lily Cole to Kylie Minogue--he had seen so many gorgeous women, and I couldn't really compete with that in person! So I told myself, I need to do the best styling! They were selling out my character, so I was the one who was urged to do all the concept and essentials. I was out of ideas, until the moment of truth finally came out and inspired :

"Most people say if you have no idea what to wear, you should go for the 'less-is-more' thing--but I totally disagree. For me, going for a classic designer piece is the total rescue. It never lies--it just never did, and never will. What if you don't have it? Find an up-to-date personality that best defines you in a luxurious way. You would know that much better than I do!"

They might call me snob, but still, I totally agree that the rule that you can never ignore in fashion is 'never look cheap!'

I chose "Vamp" as my theme of the day! It was on the two most wanted personality this season; Vamp and Tomboy, and it went out with my wardrobe perfectly. So this was what I got :)

It was a Jennifer Behr on my head, Shu Uemura lashes, vintage sheer gloves, and a vintage McQueen dress.

What a moment I had back there :)
Definitely, definitely another day in paradise.

Always go to any opportunities that passes by any side of you. Come on, you'll never know :)



PS : BIG thanks to Febrina Wahab and Dwiko Arie Nugroho as the good good company :)

Friday, September 04, 2009

the top10 DRESSES of this SEASON

It would be really hard to believe if you hear me say that I'm not addicted to fashion. Well, you are absolutely right. Fashion have been the this' and thats in my 22 years of living, and I can never breathe my day off of a reference or so-called guidances for my everyday looks.

As time goes by, my fashion references grew up and went more mature day by day--I'm not a teenager anymore. I'm the smooth-goes-to-keen kind of a fashion addict now. And to go a little bit more further, I'm gonna show you my angle about the hots and the nots of the season.

Let me give myself a try: this post is called "the top10 DRESSES of this SEASON"

It was all to-die-for, and soo not easy to afford (well i AM being honest!). So instead of making a wishlist, I'm gonna give you a top10 angle of what I really love about the it dresses from the biggest it designers.

10. The Anna Sui Embroidered Tunic Dress

Anna Sui has always been known for her one-of-a-kind cheerfully-yet-avant-garde collections. There always have to be details, cute to statement prints, small accents or embroideries. This thing is perfectly fine to be worn with simple-cut sandals that shows off your legs, simple clutch with the same tone color and blingy kind of bracelets. It's totally boho-yet-chic, ideal for your classy-yet-easy evening outs.

9. Marc by Marc Jacobs Avery Color Block Satin Dress

This color-block thing is absolutely perfect for you ladies with playful attitude with a big hint of sexiness. Try it simply-worn with an ankle boots (try Christian Louboutin's), or add leather jackets and black tights for a tough-look like suggests.

8. Richard Nicoll Nina Wool Shift Dress is never wrong. is the bible of fashion. And says that Richard Nicoll is the next super big thing. This signature piece is absolutely stunning--it brings out your inner fabulosity without any bold colors nor complicated draperies. Perfect for daytime sophisticated playdress, paired with chunky nude-color sandals (to be worn by you, daring, fashionable ladies) or for an easy semi-formal dinner, paired with sky-high platforms with a solid color (yes, I'll mention Christian Louboutin's, again) for you simple personals :).

7. DVF Intarsia Sweater Dress

Pairing up prints with the best cutting and structure in a dress is absolutely DVF's one of a kind trademark. It's a bold monochrome statement, perfect to be paired with combat boots for a daring look and ankle boots if you look forward to the high-end part.

6. Alexander McQueen Houndstooth Check Pencil Dress

This classic piece with a total McQueen kind-of-vibe is the total must have this season. Paired with strong-shouldered cropped blazer for a simple-sophisticated look, or combine this feminine personality with solid leather gloves, tights and ankle boots. This incredible piece will fab you up instantly.

5. Jill Sander Techno Scuba Jersey Dress

Jill Sander has successfully brought up the architecture trend this season. Bold colors with easy fabrics and super-structured one-pieces as the main key look, this dress is one of the most influential piece of her whole collection. Pair it up with bare legs and a killer sophisticated stilettos for a simple-yet-luxe vibe.

4. Stella McCartney Stretch Lace-Paneled Dress

I always love how Stella McCartney could really put up simplicity in a chic and sheer atmosphere whenever a lady step into a room wearing her pieces. This dress could be worn easily with a solid black clutch and classic black stilettos. Definitely a super-piece of LBD.

3. Sonia Rykiel Lurex-fleck Knit Dress

This Sonia Rykiel piece is one of the most brilliant pieces, in my opinion. It has the semi-bling look and the architecture-y atmosphere, and altogether creates the strong shilouette of shoulders. With additional detail on the drapery, this luxe Lurex-fleck dress is definitely a statement for your looks.

2. Christopher Kane Hanna Silk and Velvet Dress

A really interesting combination between pleated-silk and velvet accents. And the other advantage was, this would not just go for this season only. Wear it as an up-to-date fashion statement with vertiginous heels to create the it-girl vibe. Don't wear too much jewels with this piece, it already stood up by itself to unite your whole look.

1. Balmain Paillette Mini Dress

This is the LOVE, this is the CREME de la CREME. Balmain's extended shoulders has been a crazy to-die-for trend for this season. Combined with whole-sequined look and a deep v-neck, it instantly creates the super-duper-luxe atmosphere. Pair it up with a killer boots only, and you are now the ultimate diva.


I can't afford it all for now, but I don't care. Writing, copy-pasteing the images as I organized the layout of this post is heaven for me. Well, it was absolutely an eye candy :)

And anyway, where's Lanvin? I know you guys might ask about that name--the name of the creator of the best Little Black Dresses in the world. Well, I just feel it would be a bit unfair if I could put 3 or 4 Lanvin's pieces in this list, so I just put his name out instead lol ;p.



PS : I love! Once you click on that link, you will see how much it has been one of my most important trend and style bible.