Thursday, July 09, 2009

when dreams just HAVE to come true

I started this blog at 2:26 PM, Starbucks Coffee, Paris Van Java Mall, Bandung. As I slurped my Signature Ice Nonfat No Whip Chocolate, it fills my throat with a dark yet sensational friendly vibe. Bilawa Ade Respati has just gone teaching at the Georama Music School nearby, and I began thinking about what should I do two hours ahead while waiting for him to be finished.

My Fashion Marketing and Computing Summer Course will be starting on August the 1st soon, and honestly my thoughts had never gone so far from those things since I first registered myself on their website. My dreams had apparently came in one by one.. came true a step at a time.. my deepest thoughts just felt so good when i got even closer, and also the lightest smiles always lighten myself up when it reaches out the simplest surface of myself.

Have u ever heard that i really, really, really want to be a stylist?

It has only been a year since I first started to think. Thinking ahead, thinking it through, try to find the ways of making all my future dreams accomplished. I see the two figures on the pictures above, and I see what I would really love to do years ahead. As I read Michael Pondaag's interview on how he stated that education is still the most important thing if you finally choose to get into the industry--I jumped over on my heels and decided to go to UK for a support of education as he said. St. Martins College of Art and Design, it called. Only two months. Yeah, only two months. Might be nothing compared with all those Fashion Design bachelor degree holders. But this is my courage, my courage to fight. Fight and learn. Learn and earn.

I am scared most of the time. Yeah, I'm scared. It will be my first time of being alone, all alone, in a country that is thousands of miles towards mine. Living alone, financially, mentally, physically.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

this is how it all started

Well hell-o Mr.Louboutins!

Those two beautiful creatures are the major influences in my life at the present. I have always wanted to be a one-of-a-kind in my ways of expressing my personal style, but those things had never came in mind. Or at least, yet.

I bought my very first Louboutins at the age of 21. Not bad, i guess. First saw it when I was window-shopping in Plaza Indonesia, Pedder Red, to be exact, around 2006. A young woman with a straight-cut seven-like dark denim pants and a white puffy top passed me by with a tick-tock noise from her Altadama; a supersexy super-high Christian Louboutin heels with chunky open-toe.

An ultra-elegant vibe instantly swooshed me up as she walked away further when seconds went by, leaving me and my best friend Indria Prasastia at a total glance.

"Damn. Louboutins."

And I was in love. I've been in love with it since then. Two initials, CL, drives me crazy in every pages whenever it pops out in super-sexy celebrity legs.

Almost two years had gone by, and things change incredibly fast as I finished my college and planned on having a two-month course of Fashion Marketing and Computing in London. My parents are incredibly satisfied with what I've done, even though an AB's just enough as the maximum of my final assignment grade. I deserve something, they said. So as we went down to Singapore's Great Sale, Louboutin shop had quickly became my fashion destination. I want Louboutins. A classic, everlasting piece.

Overally, it has been the most fun and dazzling experience of shopping ever, as I tried the Louboutin for Phillip Lim S$1600 collaboration Ruffles Shoe before I finally decided to get two pairs of New Decoltissimos. One in pink, and one in black. Compared, the single-piece Ruffles Shoe and both New Decoltissimos has only S$32 difference!

As my new closet stored in my new homecoming bedroom in J-Town, i put my little too-sweet-to-be-true pinky-blacky Louboutin pieces inside it. Ooh, you know how much I love you do, you?

ps : pictures will be here soon!