Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Furrytale

When a fantasy of a princess in a faraway land occurs in our minds as the Fashion Styling for Professionals Class at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design started to push us on making that superb Fashion Story, our imaginations climbed up and reaches the dream. We were put to the test. We wanted a princess.. a sexy, beautiful, le grande, with a touch of vamp, princess.

Everything was perfect until we realized one thing; perfect was not enough.

What makes perfect so imperfect?

It was because, the perfection didn't have its imperfection.

So as we walked through the catwalk of our princess fantasy, we got that thing in mind ; Beauty and the Beast.


Once upon a time in a faraway land, lived a beautiful princess whose visage are made of porcelain, her lips written above the shiny flesh, and her eyes sculptured below the eyelashes of copper. She was perfect and innocent, until you discover her insanity.

She has the beast inside her. The furry beast, blurred and captured under the sin of torture, worn after the crystal porcelain skin of hers; a cautious outer of her inside.

She is the princess, she is the nude innocent flesh and bone, under the fur.

This is the furry tale.

Model : Sian - PremierModelManagement UK
Tutor : Jason Hughes
Pictures taken and edited by Dounglerthai T. Praew


Also we have these other shots from Praew, and really sweet behind-the-scene shots from Joanna Karolina Janczak-Sulzycka. Such nice and sweet ones :)

The model without heels (Okay, i feel a bit little-d here. And okay, it's not a bit, it's TOO MUCH),

The documentation,

The hair and make up,

The styling,

The shoes,

The lunch break,

and finally, the super A-team!! HOTNESS! ooh sizzle sizzle!!

We'll be the greatest stylists ever!! Amen!!

lft-rght : Dounglerthai T. Praew, Ruby, Cristina Lopez Pancorbo, Joanna Karolina Janczak, Giulia Fornaini, Pinny Jutharat, Raden Prisya, Rajani Muchal. LURVSS xx

-Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, Fashion Styling for Professionals Course 09 London, UK-

and anyway, this isn't the portfolio yet. it's just a blog post! see my complete portfolio on i haven't posted it there though ;p



Cristina Lopez Pancorbo said...

This Furrytale of us will make history! :) hahahaha!

raden prisya said...

aah you're here!! yeah it will. DEFINITELY!!!!!

MITA DIRAN said...

Very BAZAAR-ish, very classsy. There's an ethereal air about this photoshoot, and I like it! Ah, well done babes! ;)

MITA DIRAN said...

I especially like that short backstory about the photoshoot theme. "A cautious outer of her insides" - Lovely line!

raden prisya said...

mita sayangg thank you so much sweets!! well finally i really got the chance to learn this kind of thing, the level, the another level :D i still have so much to learn thoo.. i'll start putting up links and other stuff in my blog and your blog would definitely be in there!! thanks once againn :D

Anonymous said...

i HEART this post beib!! may i use the pictures please! i'm gonna help you to be famous in my world. (poly world. LOL)

Raden Prisya said...

nashaaa i saw it alreadyyy ohmaigatt kamu ih heheheheh kishkish!!!