Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Minute Interview with Jade McSorley, Britain's Next Top Model Season 5 2nd Runner Up

It has always been a nice feeling breezing around my mind right since the first second I stepped my way in London. This city is incredibly beautiful--the surroundings, the atmosphere, the style, and mostly, the people.

There could always be someone famous, somewhere. Beautiful, and must be, famous. I always take daily free newspaper at the end of the day, see the-day-before reportage about Pixie Geldof or Kate Moss having a nice after-dinner cocktail in Mayfair, or Spice Girls reunited on a fancy dinner (without Mrs. Becks of course, as she was promoting her collection in L.A. during the fashion week moments) about two days ago. The fortune came to me a bit also, when I met Christopher Kane whilst looking around Dover St. Market on the London Fashion Night Out venue on September the 10th. I didn't get the chance of taking pictures with him, though. It was a bit regretful. But fortunately that wasn't the first time of me meeting famous people; today, I met Jade McSorley, Britain's Next Top Model's 5th Season 2nd Runner Up. I always have watched the show back then in Indonesia, and meeting her was one of the most interesting moment I've ever experienced :)

She was tiny and sweet, yet really a good good model. With the height 5'7", she could really look so tall in pictures with her amazing body proportion. I was in my Fashion Photography Class in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and she was one of the models working for us on the shoot.

Here are some pictures of her, taken from the competition.

As the was waiting for her make up to be done, I had a small chit-chat with her about the competition. I consider it as "5-minute Interview with Jade McSorley" :)

It's really nice to see you! Me and all my friends back in Indonesia watched the show a lot.
Really? I don't even know that it would be broadcasted that far!

So how do you feel about the show? Tell me about it.
Well, it's really exciting to be in there because you met different kinds of people, challenged for a different thing every single day.

Are those dramas in the show real? Or was it just their scenario to make the show interesting?
No, no, of course it's all real! We didn't really do those on purpose, but what can I say? There was quite a supply of alcohol and you were isolated in one place with the same people day by day for weeks, you could only make phone calls for three minutes. The rivalry went even harder and harder every day as more contestants got eliminated.

I used to see the life in the show as a really dream-come-true kind of life, but after I heard all those things from you, I realized how tought it was to be there.
Oh yes, it was. But you know, I feel like I want the best thing, so I have to work much harder as well.

So now you're in Models1 Agency and moved here to London. Are you staying with some model friends?
No, I was moving here with my boyfriend.

Wow, that was really sweet. What does he do here?
He's a Bar Manager. Apparently we're living on the top of a Bar. Ha ha ha!

Are you up to the London Fashion Week as well? I bet every model is doing some shows, isn't it?
Yeah, I'll be doing some but see, I'm quite tiny for a catwalk model.

But I see that you have really good posture and expression. I wish you luck in the industry, Jade! It's really nice to meet you :)
Nice to meet you too, it's my pleasure, good luck with the course and the styling thing :)



Syarif Maulana said...

Aduh kalian mirip.. Cuman kurang banyak aja hahahaha banyak apanya coba..
Pastinya, pengalaman tak ternilai tuh disana, biarpun relatif singkat. Congrats Pipi! Hidup kawin!

Raden Prisya said...

wewwwww gw dibilang mirip jade!!! bwahahahaha asli rif kayanya lo beneran pengen kawin dah..... makasi ya rif!! jangan lupa undangan!! hihihihhi