Tuesday, September 01, 2009


It had been months since I did this project with Nasha Adinda (model), Chandra Prawendha (photographer) and Arinda Kristie (make up artist). Nasha happens to be my first quite-tall model I've ever worked with at that time. Before her, my model was never above 5'7" cuz the pro-ones (the 'you-have-to-book-them-and-put-them-in-magazines' models) are taken by all the big agencies--and I wasn't big-named enough to work with them. Cuz you know, model-girls in my country isn't as tall as the international model standard. What I used to have left are the under 5'7"s, but luckily I have her! Nasha is 5'8", been asked to model a quite times already (which she just never want to until now.. lol) and she stood out everywhere she goes.

Well, anyway, she happens to be one of my best friends ;p

It had already been months as well since we had our last quality-chat. Short and sweet. She, waiting for her early-morning meal before fasting as I was just fooling around doing whatever. We were talking about John Galliano's amazing A/W 09/10 Fashion Show when suddenly I decided to take a look at her polyvores. You should check it out, it was amazing! http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=732162. I really love the last pieces she made, so Italian Vogue meets Numero art direction. We were chatting and chilling for quite a while when she suddenly showed me a piece of polyvore she made quite a long time ago.

It was her, on that picture. It was what we worked on together! She was stunning and beautiful. So Parisian Chic. So European yet simple, and indestructive. I loved her in that picture, and the pieces I gave to her was just what she was meant to wear.

And also that polyvore thing she made with that picture!! The mixing-ups!!!

I totally loved it, and immediately asked her about having that piece in my portfolio--not forgetting about mentioning her name, of course. And she said yes, of course! Don't you dare saying no, darling. Lol.

I am so waiting for her to give her comments as she read this post. Please check out her polyvore and let me know how you guys think of it!

Cheers, love, xoxo


PS:For the complete picture of this styling portfolio, click on the link after the text "portfolio-ed" at the very beginning sidebar of this blog :)


Anonymous said...

PRISYAAAA.. WOW..WOW.. this is such an awesome post!!! really, you overrated me! haha. thank youuu so much dear. i can't be like that without you though. you're an amazing stylist and i'm sure you can achieve whatever you had dream of.

so please come back soooon! lets take over the fashion world! XP love youuu so muccchhh!! and i'll definitely post about your blog everywhere! hahaha. kiisssesssss..!!

Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by your blog. It's just so cool. You're far more coherent than Rachel Zoe and far more deserving than those chicks on The Hills.

I love it!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I love Polyvore. Keep rocking! xxx Jo.

Raden Prisya said...

@nashadinda i saw your polyvore too!! thank you soo much sweetnesssssssss.... hugs and kisses deh pokoknya, duh jd ga sabar pgn cpt2 plg trs seru2an lg hihihihih#

@callmekp wow thank youuu ;p ur compliment is a bit too much for me lols but its such a pleasure to know that ;) im gonna keep it updated so everyone can always enjoy it! xoxo

@jo i love you and your frockandfork lols. sorry i havent commented on anything, still in class now ;p soon okay dearie!