Monday, August 31, 2009

The Sentence

"Distance in a relationship is like spices in food--a bit of it makes it delicious, too much of it makes u spit it out."

in the middle of a chat with Chandra Prawendha


Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have no more words for them. I think this is the most amazing live band I have ever seen. You should check their MySpace

It was actually Junior Boys' Gig when I first saw them as the opening act. Three simple school-faced guys and a totally sweet-looking girl. I never thought their music is gonna be so destructive-yet in a strangely luxe and epic way. Munch Munch's music is totally different, and the skill of the three guys is undoubtedly amazing. They switched places on the synth drums and keyboards at all times for each songs! And even though you could really listen to their music on their MySpace, I really suggest you to see this video first. I fell totally in love with them ever since I captured this square thing.

Liked it?

No wonder :)


The Killer Platforms

One of my tutors in the Fashion Styling for Professionals class at the CSM College, Jemma Sawyer, told me that if I wanna look for great-quality yet less-spending killer heels, I should go head myself to Kurt Geiger. Take a look for yourself at

It wasn't bad for these kinds of shoes actually. Looks quite luxe, quite close to the impression you may got once you saw a fashionista in a pair of super-sexy Camilla Skovgaard or Miu Miu heels. They cost you almost half of those designers' pieces too, so you wont get that much of an after-splurge stomachache syndrome.

Very high
street, luxe-looking, quite rebelistic, and very killing, aren't they?

As my e
yes went through the wonderful journey of finding the perfect leg-bearing piece, my eyes laid only on a single thing straight away. This thing thrills me with the vibe of those 'it' designers, and actually reminds me of Camilla Skovgaard's satin chain embellished sandals (left).

This is "The Grind" by Carvela - Kurt Geiger :)

So as soon as I saw it, I tried the thing up, satisfied with it, pay for it, and go home.


A new pair of shoe tidied-up in our shoe racks is always a breeze of fresh air for us ladies, especially when we combine it with a freshly-waxed great legs afterward. That would equal an exquisite look for parties and dress-up moments.

Jolly, isn't it? ;)

I'd post my pictures soon as I wear this. Oh wait, I haven't posted the Louboutin pictures too, have I? I haven't really had worn it I think lol ;p

Any questions, anyone?


The Parallel Universe :: cuz too much fashion could kill you

Have a look at these 3 pictures.

As you can see, I was wearing a Ray-Ban Original Folding Wayfarer (Details :

Yeah, that legendary Wayfarer.


I lied.

Look at those pictures again, precisely.


In the first and third picture I was really wearing the Wayfarer thing. But on the second, it was a 10Pounds bargain thing from Urban Outfitters. It looked the same, though only in your first glance. But come on, sometimes you just have to say a super-sexy "Hi!" at the crowd instead of having a super-quality kind of chat, am I right? They will just see you as "The Girl with the Ray-Ban thing"!

Fashion is mean, sometimes. They pushed you to work 24/7 to earn money from work and then pushed you even harder to spend almost 40% of it right after you got your paycheck, to buy the new 'it' volume hotpants in Prada or the new velvet asymmetrical dress from DVF. Not an impossibility either if you could bring your months or years investment-result money to a Lanvin Boutique and spend grands on their most wanted LBDs or go straight to for the sake of the Balmain dress. You might end up without having any penny and starve yourself to death!

Too much fashion could kill you.

But remember, as what Rachel Zoe said, there is always a Parallel Universe. You could replace the role of a US$199 Ray-Ban Wayfarer with a 10Pounds bargain sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, you could replace that superb US$1748 Balmain pointed-shoulder tuxedo jacket (left) with a 75Pounds padded one from TOPSHOP (right), and you can also get a US$18.99 Pinestripe Fedora Hat from Target (right) instead of getting the US$598 Neon Pink Trilby by Philip Treacy (left).

Too much fashion could kill you, but parallel universe could bring you back to life.


But you know, if you could really, i mean really afford those things, just get 'em. Even though Parallel Universe does exist, I still wear my Wayfarer instead of the Urban Outfitters thing. I keep them in my drawer. Ha Ha Ha!

Well then, ta ta for now! Check this video as a good-bye-for-now song, got it from Pacha Ibiza's myspace (check the cool website though, and see the super-juicy-lookin cherries). Lurve this song! Works with your iPod once you're wearing a Wayfarer in a sunny day shopping either in Bricklane Sunday Market or Champs Elysees :)

Get the sound?



Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Furrytale

When a fantasy of a princess in a faraway land occurs in our minds as the Fashion Styling for Professionals Class at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design started to push us on making that superb Fashion Story, our imaginations climbed up and reaches the dream. We were put to the test. We wanted a princess.. a sexy, beautiful, le grande, with a touch of vamp, princess.

Everything was perfect until we realized one thing; perfect was not enough.

What makes perfect so imperfect?

It was because, the perfection didn't have its imperfection.

So as we walked through the catwalk of our princess fantasy, we got that thing in mind ; Beauty and the Beast.


Once upon a time in a faraway land, lived a beautiful princess whose visage are made of porcelain, her lips written above the shiny flesh, and her eyes sculptured below the eyelashes of copper. She was perfect and innocent, until you discover her insanity.

She has the beast inside her. The furry beast, blurred and captured under the sin of torture, worn after the crystal porcelain skin of hers; a cautious outer of her inside.

She is the princess, she is the nude innocent flesh and bone, under the fur.

This is the furry tale.

Model : Sian - PremierModelManagement UK
Tutor : Jason Hughes
Pictures taken and edited by Dounglerthai T. Praew


Also we have these other shots from Praew, and really sweet behind-the-scene shots from Joanna Karolina Janczak-Sulzycka. Such nice and sweet ones :)

The model without heels (Okay, i feel a bit little-d here. And okay, it's not a bit, it's TOO MUCH),

The documentation,

The hair and make up,

The styling,

The shoes,

The lunch break,

and finally, the super A-team!! HOTNESS! ooh sizzle sizzle!!

We'll be the greatest stylists ever!! Amen!!

lft-rght : Dounglerthai T. Praew, Ruby, Cristina Lopez Pancorbo, Joanna Karolina Janczak, Giulia Fornaini, Pinny Jutharat, Raden Prisya, Rajani Muchal. LURVSS xx

-Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, Fashion Styling for Professionals Course 09 London, UK-

and anyway, this isn't the portfolio yet. it's just a blog post! see my complete portfolio on i haven't posted it there though ;p


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Emotional

Fashion Story Inspired by the Magazine, "Dazed & Confused"
A Combination of Vamp and Tomboy Vibe

Stylists : Raden Prisya, Ice Intarasayan, Magda Majewska, Marell Kull
Photographer : Tony Monckton
Model : Filipa (modelsplan UK)

I love this styling, and also the pictures. Tony did the capturing and I did the retouches. Happiness is what i'm having right now.

..cuz when your moments of life turned out to be so random, all you can do is look back and stare at the good things you had in your past..