Friday, October 29, 2010

For the Love of Fashion

Yeah, no more intros. I don't need no intros no more. One year has passed since my first day of work in AMICA. The intros are done, and yeah, here are the spoilers of my last-4-months work. Complete ones? Check out my dripbook very soon :) Coming up coming up! We'll see.

Michane and Kim by Adi Nugroho.

A beautiful friend of mine, Kristell Chenut from VTM. Photographed by Adi Nugroho.

Another shot with Kim and Adi Nugroho. We had such a great great chemistry in this shoot.

The great Paula Verhoeven. Way to go, girl :)

My dearest muse Prinka Cassy!

Ilmira Zacky. She's back after the baby, looking even more crazily stunning.
One of my best partner Rinal Wiratama shot this one.

Arseto Adiputra. Always love to make product shoots with you, buddy!

The Brazilian girl Lillian Nicoletti, shot by Rinal Wiratama.

Thanks to Zanun Nurangga for this,
and also welcoming AMICA's new photographer, Adrian Stephanus.

Welcoming the special newbie in AMICA, the London College of Fashion graduate, Jeky Liem. Marcella Tanaya and Fabia are the gorgeous ladies in those tartans.

Another styling of Kim, shot by Hadi Cahyono.

This one was Jeky's as well. Now you do believe that he's from LCF, don't you?

A beauty spread, the first-ever experience. Hope I didn't mess up with this one, haha.

Enough with the styling part--what I love most about being a fashion stylist is how you manage to reach the deepest roots of fashion itself. Just like what I've experienced with Biyan's Show backstage last July. Seeing him in person, doing all the supervising by himself, handling his most important presentation as the most eligible designer in the country, was a truly priceless experience for me. More happily, he is satisfied with the way we presented his backstage report in our magazine.

Thanks to Hary Subastian for the amazing photographs :)

And lastly for this post, just like what I usually do..
An exhale..

Marina Tasya Avianty photographed by Andry Alamsyah.
You made myself a good good rest, a good break, this time.

* * *

Simply for the love of fashion.


Monday, September 20, 2010

didsy and the purple wardrobe

It's been a while since I last posted. And yeah, it was about a portfolio. I have been thinking about making posts about something more personal, something more intimate yet still cheerfully 'awake' just like how I always keep things in control.

This is my wardrobe, a big piece of wardrobe made by Cahaya Dwisangkana and Zanun Nurangga, 2 good friends of mine which made my clothe-heaven dream came true.

It made my world go round, as it has always been straight yet oval before. It normalizes the groove when it gets overheard, it made my days clearer as seconds go by in every single step I take.

Yeah, I totally love it, and moreover when I got the chance to have a little topsy turfy in front of it.

I name this girl "Didsy". That poppy chick with the umbrella-hat and the aviator glasses dancing like crazy in front of the camera. And as the music goes, click! Capturized, a symbol of a new page. A total new neatness in happiness!

And those poppy props are from my dearest dearie Adid Nugroho :) Yeah, a symbol indeed as well.

Fashion lives in our everyday lives, in every perspective, in every kind of angle and character. For me, there's no such thing as 'another' type.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A pleasant surprise from Michael Cools in our warm-up session.
Something I didn't prepare much--as in two people getting to know each other.

I guess we just have the chemistry.


Model: Widika Sidmore @FORD LA
Photographed by Michael Cools
Styling, make up, hair do, Raden Prisya.


I guess I do have an alter ego.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Models Part One

I'd be lying if I said that I don't have any particular taste about models. I do have some favorites, to be exact. Some of them are still here, some of them have gone. But the most important thing is, I have the most chemistry with them, compared to all other models I've worked with. I'm gonna start my list, now.

Dreams are always better than reality, so I'd better start with my dream models first. I've always been heart-ing Karlie Kloss since I first saw her as a newcomer model featured in Teen Vogue. She was a ballerina, they said, as she was posed for the magazine doing some bar-routine I did not really recognize. But you know, right after I first saw her, I knew just how amazing she would be.


I truly see the difference between Karlie Kloss and Bruna Tenorio, but the second name is actually my long-time crush. I started seeing Kloss when I began working with real models, as Tenorio had been mine long before I knew how to really 'spot' a model.
Even I didn't know about any must-have features in a model, I just knew that she has something more, something better.


Let's just begin to see the real world. If I was good enough to have a muse already, I'd seriously choose Prinka Cassy for me. She was 18 when I first saw her test-shoot portfolio, which was styled quite wrong--agreed by most people talking about how fierce she is nowadays. Afterwards, I started shooting with her and see how good her features are. You can see her in my previous spreads, and I'm sooo gonna tell you more about her, as I did a full spread with her in a really amazing set with an incredible team as well. This is one of her pic from JIM Models' website.

My other fave model was Yana, who was so perfectly 'blonde' and AMICA, and gone. Yeah, too bad she has already gone to Russia a couple of months ago, which left me quite sad! But we still contact each other via facebook, though :) You can see her on the spread in my previous post, the Rockin'Layers one.

Yeah, there are only two of them. For now. See you soon.
Remember, this is just the first part :)


Here Comes the New Hello..

Here you go, ladies and gentlemen.


Yuniardi Prasetyanto
Diana Bikbayeva
Prinka Cassy
Yana Tyupina

Make Up and Hair:

This wasn't just a glance..
It was a stare, led to an end..
As bodies moved and turned into gestures..
It brightened up the shiny eyes, and memorized up beyond..



Rinal Wiratama
Yana Tyupina
Make Up & Hair:
Palapa Bakker

I used to stay awake all night long..
Never found out about my freedom..

As the wind blew little by little..
My cold and bitterness vanished one by one..

I went up again, stayed awake..
Until the bright visions led me to a deep heavenly sleep..

'Til I got up again..



Chandra Prawendha
Sarah Paramitasari

Make Up & Hair:
Paula Rose

Then everybody needs a short break..
Everybody does..


Monday, April 26, 2010

Creating My Own Personal Style

These last couple of months, I've been struggling with myself in creating my own personal style. I've never had any specific type of self-styling all these years. All I knew is I've always enjoyed fashion since I first knew how to choose my own outfit. When I was in middle school, I tried so many theme of style whenever I dress. From underground-army to british indie, sexy-glam to casual-preppy. I've never been satisfied enough though. I tried more style when I was in high school, but I had never really found what I looked for. But you know, I kept trying.
Things eventually got better when I started living in Bandung and study Interior Design. I used to like the way I dress myself that time, even though there was one time when I got too fat and found so many difficulties in my personal styling. But when it was over and I got back in my skinny figure, I got back in the experiment and dressed myself freely and felt so confident.

But it all changed when I started my career as a fashion stylist.

Seeing all the fashion people every night and day--from the quirky Michael Pondaag to the preppy Barli Asmara, I found myself not satisfied.

I tried talking to my boyfriend, asking him to style me up which he considered a bit stupid regarding on how he found fashion as something that is so out-of-his-world. He did try to help me, though. Given me some keywords about my personality. Never too feminine, he said. And I considered it right, proven by my satisfactory in my new short haircut. He also told me how it should be about the figures I love. Alexa Chung, correct. Kate Moss, not that skinny but I can handle it. Maybe The Devil Wears Prada gave us the right point, sometimes you need to be skinny to be really, incredibly, stylish.

Those two are my biggest inspirations. A good good combination, if I managed to combine it nicely.

Wish me luck, will be posting my own pictures as soon as I found it. The it factor. The big 'it' factor.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yvan from the Blog

Something just reminds me on how Yvan Rodic a.k.a Facehunter had put me on his visual diary. Recently he was chosen as one of the most influential fashion bloggers by Vogue magazine! Yee haw!

My pic was on this page on his visual diary: . It feels kinda nice cuz he did put the picture of my hand writing on an Amica notebook on the diary--it should be a forget-me-not for Amica in his mind as well!

Once again, congrats to you Yvan! And thanks for inspiring me to grab my digicam wherever I go--at least starting tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Say CHIC :)

I never thought a super-classic and conventional brand as Hermes would have the idea on defining their unbeatable immortal luxury vibe in a hobby gadget like camera. A big challenge for us, fashion and trend followers yet great style owners, to imagine what it might felt like to actually have the thing.

A Hermes scarf made more sense, as it would be the only signature piece from Hermes which is quite affordable yet worth enough to be bought. A bag with a Hermes logo is a super you-will-keep-it-for-the-rest-of-yours-and-your-grandchildren-lives 'it' bag. A shirt with a Hermes logo on it would shout a question like, "Gee, you have the money to have a super 'it' shirt?" from people around you. But a Hermes camera, now that would be out of this earth.

Beautiful, not so-out-there, catchy, simple, Leica, and Hermes. Perhaps a Hermes look and a Leica M7 function would transform every click it captured from ordinary moments to pictures of dreams. Launched last December 2009, this camera has two colors (orange and brown) with only 100 pieces produced in each color.

You can own this collector-destined pieces with 'only' US$14000. Dare to dream and trap your moments in luxury? :)

Say CHIC!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Debut (Album)

The January-February edition of AMICA Indonesia would be a true historical piece for me. Styling has always been my true dream ever since I first fell in love with fashion--I was a fifth grader back then. I used to style up in friends' shoots or gigs for their bands, but it was not the same now.

AMICA had turned into a little weird part of me now--yeah, weird. It used to be the magazine with Michael Pondaag's spread I used to worship and admire. I remember one of the best spreads I have ever seen, styled by him--it was titled "The Kebaya". I didn't have the picture though, but as you could see me writing about him in my second post of this blog, you would know how I have been a big fan of his spreads. He made his great spreads in AMICA, a magazine that I loved, that I enjoyed so much to see. Strangely, it has been a part of me now.

As I made my debut in AMICA Indonesia, I showed the world the very first spread that I made. Something I worked on with love and tenderness, heartbeats with bits of fright; just like how a new Mom held her very first child, i think--not that I knew how it felt like. I didn't have any idea on how it might came out and published. I never thought about how people would say things about it. I do care, but I have no braveness to hope.

But it was my first time, no matter what. And this, Eclectic Structure, will always be my first ever spread in my history of published styling, no matter how it might be judged.

I dedicate this spread to my parents, and also my fellas who were there when I was out and learning, when I was running here and there whilst dreaming; Bilawa Ade Respati, Mita Diran, Andry Alamsyah, Krisna Satmoko, Chandra Prawendha, Sarah Paramitasari, Andhini Putri, Nasha Adinda, Rinda Salmun, Marina Tasya Avianty, Rajani, Jo, Christina, Praew, Giulia, and Erola. I thank you.

Wish me luck, this was only the beginning. I still have so much to learn.


please click on the image for a larger view