Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Debut (Album)

The January-February edition of AMICA Indonesia would be a true historical piece for me. Styling has always been my true dream ever since I first fell in love with fashion--I was a fifth grader back then. I used to style up in friends' shoots or gigs for their bands, but it was not the same now.

AMICA had turned into a little weird part of me now--yeah, weird. It used to be the magazine with Michael Pondaag's spread I used to worship and admire. I remember one of the best spreads I have ever seen, styled by him--it was titled "The Kebaya". I didn't have the picture though, but as you could see me writing about him in my second post of this blog, you would know how I have been a big fan of his spreads. He made his great spreads in AMICA, a magazine that I loved, that I enjoyed so much to see. Strangely, it has been a part of me now.

As I made my debut in AMICA Indonesia, I showed the world the very first spread that I made. Something I worked on with love and tenderness, heartbeats with bits of fright; just like how a new Mom held her very first child, i think--not that I knew how it felt like. I didn't have any idea on how it might came out and published. I never thought about how people would say things about it. I do care, but I have no braveness to hope.

But it was my first time, no matter what. And this, Eclectic Structure, will always be my first ever spread in my history of published styling, no matter how it might be judged.

I dedicate this spread to my parents, and also my fellas who were there when I was out and learning, when I was running here and there whilst dreaming; Bilawa Ade Respati, Mita Diran, Andry Alamsyah, Krisna Satmoko, Chandra Prawendha, Sarah Paramitasari, Andhini Putri, Nasha Adinda, Rinda Salmun, Marina Tasya Avianty, Rajani, Jo, Christina, Praew, Giulia, and Erola. I thank you.

Wish me luck, this was only the beginning. I still have so much to learn.


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Anonymous said...

Ini spread kamu yang tergagah dalam sejarah bebe hahaha. aku suka bgt terutama yang duduk di atas macan. she's like an elf from tolkien's middle earth, with elegant gesture and a deadly pet heheh. sukasuka! selamat yah,, selalu menanti karyamu selanjutnya! mir schweinn,,

Cristina Lopez Pancorbo said...

Congratulations Prisya!! WOW!!! it looks great, very well done!! I'm so happy for you, for what you're achieving...I wish you the are on the way!! Thank you for thinking of also have a spot in my mind and heart...

Besitos (little kisses in spanish)

Cris at

Barbora said...

thanks for your sweet comment!I'm following you:)
"fashionably tasteful.have a bite"

larismanis said...

wawwwww pipi ini keren sekali! you're really making your way in the fashion world! bisaan nemu outfitnya, nemu modelnya, nemu tempatnya, dan yang paling utama meramu konsepnya dong :)

larismanis said...

Disuruh kritik tapi bingung hehe.. Tapi aku tergelitik sama judulnya pi: Eclectic Structure.

Nemu definisi eclectic dari : noting or pertaining to works of architecture, decoration, landscaping, etc., produced by a certain person or during a certain period, that derive from a wide range of historic styles, the style in each instance often being chosen for its fancied appropriateness to local tradition, local geography, the purpose to be served, or the cultural background of the client.

Jadi maksud judulnya apa ya pi? Soalnya aku belum nangkep gambaran dari definisi itu di spread kamu(mungkin karena awam ya hehe). Monggo dijelasken jikalau berkenan :)

Raden Prisya said...

@Bilawa : hehe thank you love! just like what i said, this is just the beginning... im gonna have to work my ass of to stay this way or get better. kisskiss :)

@Cris : thank youuuuu... i guess those things we've learned together in London has made their way to my real life haha. 'course I remember u guys!! miss you and wish u all the best of luck :D


ps: its been a while since i last visited and commented on ur blog, check on it! i went there a few days ago :)

@Laris : thanks for the compliment and the question! so overally, Eclectic is like a blend of various aspects; could be historical, environmental, decorational, etc, represented in a whole new combination which makes another 'item' or 'style'. so in this spread, i made a new item made with eclecticity (or the easy word, combination or blend) of structure. if u see it carefully, there are some tropical ambience in some of the looks, but also some autumn-ish in others. the clothing is a combination of 'easy dressing' and 'heavy pieces' in a blend of an adjective: structure. this also occurs in the location; which is very indonesian tropical and european at the same time, and the model; she has a blend of an angel-fairy kind of face but she's a human after all.

kira-kira begitu lah ris, so happy to describe it to you. thanks for asking! :)

larismanis said...

hey o pipi, i just read your explanation. nice and nicely done! lookin forward to your next breath-taking albums! :)