Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yvan from the Blog

Something just reminds me on how Yvan Rodic a.k.a Facehunter had put me on his visual diary. Recently he was chosen as one of the most influential fashion bloggers by Vogue magazine! Yee haw!

My pic was on this page on his visual diary: . It feels kinda nice cuz he did put the picture of my hand writing on an Amica notebook on the diary--it should be a forget-me-not for Amica in his mind as well!

Once again, congrats to you Yvan! And thanks for inspiring me to grab my digicam wherever I go--at least starting tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Say CHIC :)

I never thought a super-classic and conventional brand as Hermes would have the idea on defining their unbeatable immortal luxury vibe in a hobby gadget like camera. A big challenge for us, fashion and trend followers yet great style owners, to imagine what it might felt like to actually have the thing.

A Hermes scarf made more sense, as it would be the only signature piece from Hermes which is quite affordable yet worth enough to be bought. A bag with a Hermes logo is a super you-will-keep-it-for-the-rest-of-yours-and-your-grandchildren-lives 'it' bag. A shirt with a Hermes logo on it would shout a question like, "Gee, you have the money to have a super 'it' shirt?" from people around you. But a Hermes camera, now that would be out of this earth.

Beautiful, not so-out-there, catchy, simple, Leica, and Hermes. Perhaps a Hermes look and a Leica M7 function would transform every click it captured from ordinary moments to pictures of dreams. Launched last December 2009, this camera has two colors (orange and brown) with only 100 pieces produced in each color.

You can own this collector-destined pieces with 'only' US$14000. Dare to dream and trap your moments in luxury? :)

Say CHIC!!!