Monday, April 26, 2010

Creating My Own Personal Style

These last couple of months, I've been struggling with myself in creating my own personal style. I've never had any specific type of self-styling all these years. All I knew is I've always enjoyed fashion since I first knew how to choose my own outfit. When I was in middle school, I tried so many theme of style whenever I dress. From underground-army to british indie, sexy-glam to casual-preppy. I've never been satisfied enough though. I tried more style when I was in high school, but I had never really found what I looked for. But you know, I kept trying.
Things eventually got better when I started living in Bandung and study Interior Design. I used to like the way I dress myself that time, even though there was one time when I got too fat and found so many difficulties in my personal styling. But when it was over and I got back in my skinny figure, I got back in the experiment and dressed myself freely and felt so confident.

But it all changed when I started my career as a fashion stylist.

Seeing all the fashion people every night and day--from the quirky Michael Pondaag to the preppy Barli Asmara, I found myself not satisfied.

I tried talking to my boyfriend, asking him to style me up which he considered a bit stupid regarding on how he found fashion as something that is so out-of-his-world. He did try to help me, though. Given me some keywords about my personality. Never too feminine, he said. And I considered it right, proven by my satisfactory in my new short haircut. He also told me how it should be about the figures I love. Alexa Chung, correct. Kate Moss, not that skinny but I can handle it. Maybe The Devil Wears Prada gave us the right point, sometimes you need to be skinny to be really, incredibly, stylish.

Those two are my biggest inspirations. A good good combination, if I managed to combine it nicely.

Wish me luck, will be posting my own pictures as soon as I found it. The it factor. The big 'it' factor.



bilawarespati said...

it's a path of the ancient wisdom: know thyself ;* seperti jalan naik tangga yang menembus langit, kita sadar bahwa di atas langit tetap masih akan ada langit. tetapi saat kita melihat ke bawah, kita sadar kita tidak hanya mampu melihat sebuah desa sekarang, tetapi sebuah bentang benua :) MS a lot!

YnR said...

I don't think that you could have chosen anyone better other than Alexa and Kate!! I think that they are amazing fashion role models!! I also completely agree with the whole The Devil Wears Prada implication about being seems like thin people can wear just about anything and therefore make it easier to find a look..

jane, jakarta said...

hei kak, just found your blog :) guess we have the same taste, cause i'm also a huge fan og alexa chung and kate moss.
once you said, there was one time you get too fat but you can get it through and back to skinny figure again. how did you do that?
cause, yeah, i am on my stage that i get too fat now and it kinda makes me uncomfortable with my own body.. help me please.hehe thx :)