Tuesday, July 27, 2010


A pleasant surprise from Michael Cools in our warm-up session.
Something I didn't prepare much--as in two people getting to know each other.

I guess we just have the chemistry.


Model: Widika Sidmore @FORD LA
Photographed by Michael Cools
Styling, make up, hair do, Raden Prisya.


I guess I do have an alter ego.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

Models Part One

I'd be lying if I said that I don't have any particular taste about models. I do have some favorites, to be exact. Some of them are still here, some of them have gone. But the most important thing is, I have the most chemistry with them, compared to all other models I've worked with. I'm gonna start my list, now.

Dreams are always better than reality, so I'd better start with my dream models first. I've always been heart-ing Karlie Kloss since I first saw her as a newcomer model featured in Teen Vogue. She was a ballerina, they said, as she was posed for the magazine doing some bar-routine I did not really recognize. But you know, right after I first saw her, I knew just how amazing she would be.


I truly see the difference between Karlie Kloss and Bruna Tenorio, but the second name is actually my long-time crush. I started seeing Kloss when I began working with real models, as Tenorio had been mine long before I knew how to really 'spot' a model.
Even I didn't know about any must-have features in a model, I just knew that she has something more, something better.


Let's just begin to see the real world. If I was good enough to have a muse already, I'd seriously choose Prinka Cassy for me. She was 18 when I first saw her test-shoot portfolio, which was styled quite wrong--agreed by most people talking about how fierce she is nowadays. Afterwards, I started shooting with her and see how good her features are. You can see her in my previous spreads, and I'm sooo gonna tell you more about her, as I did a full spread with her in a really amazing set with an incredible team as well. This is one of her pic from JIM Models' website.

My other fave model was Yana, who was so perfectly 'blonde' and AMICA, and gone. Yeah, too bad she has already gone to Russia a couple of months ago, which left me quite sad! But we still contact each other via facebook, though :) You can see her on the spread in my previous post, the Rockin'Layers one.

Yeah, there are only two of them. For now. See you soon.
Remember, this is just the first part :)


Here Comes the New Hello..

Here you go, ladies and gentlemen.


Yuniardi Prasetyanto
Diana Bikbayeva
Prinka Cassy
Yana Tyupina

Make Up and Hair:

This wasn't just a glance..
It was a stare, led to an end..
As bodies moved and turned into gestures..
It brightened up the shiny eyes, and memorized up beyond..



Rinal Wiratama
Yana Tyupina
Make Up & Hair:
Palapa Bakker

I used to stay awake all night long..
Never found out about my freedom..

As the wind blew little by little..
My cold and bitterness vanished one by one..

I went up again, stayed awake..
Until the bright visions led me to a deep heavenly sleep..

'Til I got up again..



Chandra Prawendha
Sarah Paramitasari

Make Up & Hair:
Paula Rose

Then everybody needs a short break..
Everybody does..