Thursday, July 01, 2010

Here Comes the New Hello..

Here you go, ladies and gentlemen.


Yuniardi Prasetyanto
Diana Bikbayeva
Prinka Cassy
Yana Tyupina

Make Up and Hair:

This wasn't just a glance..
It was a stare, led to an end..
As bodies moved and turned into gestures..
It brightened up the shiny eyes, and memorized up beyond..



Rinal Wiratama
Yana Tyupina
Make Up & Hair:
Palapa Bakker

I used to stay awake all night long..
Never found out about my freedom..

As the wind blew little by little..
My cold and bitterness vanished one by one..

I went up again, stayed awake..
Until the bright visions led me to a deep heavenly sleep..

'Til I got up again..



Chandra Prawendha
Sarah Paramitasari

Make Up & Hair:
Paula Rose

Then everybody needs a short break..
Everybody does..



chandra said...

wow... I am so flattered, mate!
hahaha. You've put one of my photo work on your fabulous blog.

But, when it was compared with your other works. maybe, our photo session in months ago are still far from a quality, but if I may ask .. I want to be able to work with you again. So, please say yes!! *lmao

Raden Prisya said...

It's not left out chan..and speaking about quality, you have more knowledge in that instead of me! But I was saying that our relaxing session in Bandung was perfectly a good exhale for me; you know, a once-in-a-while retreat, which didn't put me in any pressure or anything. In fact, I loved your picture. I love how big an emotion could affect the whole thing, and I mean it. And that's why I put it here! and I'd say, heyho let's go! Let's do it again :D

bilawarespati said...

seperti biasa karya kamu selalu monumental :) rockin layer sangat juara, punya kesan yang kuat sekali dan langsung nyangkut di mata. yang glance itu sangat amica dengan sentuhan khas styling-an kamu. kalo yg chandra, itu sangat beda karakter dari yg dua pertama. yg ini lebih bercerita, lebih lembut, dan personal :) bung chandra ini juga sangat hebat hehe. ayo saya tunggu karya kolaborasi kalian lagi

chandra said...

hehe. OK then! let's do more collaborations. I want more. I want more.I want more.I want more.