Friday, October 29, 2010

For the Love of Fashion

Yeah, no more intros. I don't need no intros no more. One year has passed since my first day of work in AMICA. The intros are done, and yeah, here are the spoilers of my last-4-months work. Complete ones? Check out my dripbook very soon :) Coming up coming up! We'll see.

Michane and Kim by Adi Nugroho.

A beautiful friend of mine, Kristell Chenut from VTM. Photographed by Adi Nugroho.

Another shot with Kim and Adi Nugroho. We had such a great great chemistry in this shoot.

The great Paula Verhoeven. Way to go, girl :)

My dearest muse Prinka Cassy!

Ilmira Zacky. She's back after the baby, looking even more crazily stunning.
One of my best partner Rinal Wiratama shot this one.

Arseto Adiputra. Always love to make product shoots with you, buddy!

The Brazilian girl Lillian Nicoletti, shot by Rinal Wiratama.

Thanks to Zanun Nurangga for this,
and also welcoming AMICA's new photographer, Adrian Stephanus.

Welcoming the special newbie in AMICA, the London College of Fashion graduate, Jeky Liem. Marcella Tanaya and Fabia are the gorgeous ladies in those tartans.

Another styling of Kim, shot by Hadi Cahyono.

This one was Jeky's as well. Now you do believe that he's from LCF, don't you?

A beauty spread, the first-ever experience. Hope I didn't mess up with this one, haha.

Enough with the styling part--what I love most about being a fashion stylist is how you manage to reach the deepest roots of fashion itself. Just like what I've experienced with Biyan's Show backstage last July. Seeing him in person, doing all the supervising by himself, handling his most important presentation as the most eligible designer in the country, was a truly priceless experience for me. More happily, he is satisfied with the way we presented his backstage report in our magazine.

Thanks to Hary Subastian for the amazing photographs :)

And lastly for this post, just like what I usually do..
An exhale..

Marina Tasya Avianty photographed by Andry Alamsyah.
You made myself a good good rest, a good break, this time.

* * *

Simply for the love of fashion.



yhzkyl said...

Love your works!Wondering to work with you someday :)

Anonymous said...

I always loveee your styling,esp those for amica!
Even sometimes you use lots of layering,but the way you strike those poses,they really reflect amica best!
Bravooo :D