Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have no more words for them. I think this is the most amazing live band I have ever seen. You should check their MySpace

It was actually Junior Boys' Gig when I first saw them as the opening act. Three simple school-faced guys and a totally sweet-looking girl. I never thought their music is gonna be so destructive-yet in a strangely luxe and epic way. Munch Munch's music is totally different, and the skill of the three guys is undoubtedly amazing. They switched places on the synth drums and keyboards at all times for each songs! And even though you could really listen to their music on their MySpace, I really suggest you to see this video first. I fell totally in love with them ever since I captured this square thing.

Liked it?

No wonder :)



Andhari said...

Edgy ;) You always love these types of music, girlie.:D I may have to brush up on the knowwledgeee :D

Raden Prisya said...

haha u know me babe. really? u're like the QUEEN of your music, honey, better brush up a little on other kinds of music but please stay drowned in yours ;p