Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Parallel Universe :: cuz too much fashion could kill you

Have a look at these 3 pictures.

As you can see, I was wearing a Ray-Ban Original Folding Wayfarer (Details :

Yeah, that legendary Wayfarer.


I lied.

Look at those pictures again, precisely.


In the first and third picture I was really wearing the Wayfarer thing. But on the second, it was a 10Pounds bargain thing from Urban Outfitters. It looked the same, though only in your first glance. But come on, sometimes you just have to say a super-sexy "Hi!" at the crowd instead of having a super-quality kind of chat, am I right? They will just see you as "The Girl with the Ray-Ban thing"!

Fashion is mean, sometimes. They pushed you to work 24/7 to earn money from work and then pushed you even harder to spend almost 40% of it right after you got your paycheck, to buy the new 'it' volume hotpants in Prada or the new velvet asymmetrical dress from DVF. Not an impossibility either if you could bring your months or years investment-result money to a Lanvin Boutique and spend grands on their most wanted LBDs or go straight to for the sake of the Balmain dress. You might end up without having any penny and starve yourself to death!

Too much fashion could kill you.

But remember, as what Rachel Zoe said, there is always a Parallel Universe. You could replace the role of a US$199 Ray-Ban Wayfarer with a 10Pounds bargain sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, you could replace that superb US$1748 Balmain pointed-shoulder tuxedo jacket (left) with a 75Pounds padded one from TOPSHOP (right), and you can also get a US$18.99 Pinestripe Fedora Hat from Target (right) instead of getting the US$598 Neon Pink Trilby by Philip Treacy (left).

Too much fashion could kill you, but parallel universe could bring you back to life.


But you know, if you could really, i mean really afford those things, just get 'em. Even though Parallel Universe does exist, I still wear my Wayfarer instead of the Urban Outfitters thing. I keep them in my drawer. Ha Ha Ha!

Well then, ta ta for now! Check this video as a good-bye-for-now song, got it from Pacha Ibiza's myspace (check the cool website though, and see the super-juicy-lookin cherries). Lurve this song! Works with your iPod once you're wearing a Wayfarer in a sunny day shopping either in Bricklane Sunday Market or Champs Elysees :)

Get the sound?




Larissa said...

nice post pip! get me one pair of those vintage sunglasses, will ya? hahaha :p

MITA DIRAN said...

so lend me your urban outfitters specs! LOL. this is what i love about fashion.. so if the urban outfitters wayfarers are the 'stepsister' for ray ban, how does the wayfarer yang dijual abang2 kaki lima rate in this paralel universe?

Raden Prisya said...

@MITA DIRAN : I feel like wayfarer's dad is such a cassanova that he breeds his blood around the world, from the super RAY BAN lady to fat prostitutes

@Larissa : i'll see if i could get one matches your face! hihi smangat TA nya ya sayang!! thanks for stopping by ;D

MITA DIRAN said...

So.. Wayfarer abang2 kaki lima as the fashion prostitutes? That prolly makes the kaki lima as a red-light district of fashion, with all its cheap imitations :) Makes sense. I like!

Raden Prisya said...


P_05_H said...

Yeah...when you get the "similar" items it would be great...
But if you have an ability to get the real one if would be fabulous...

Raden Prisya said...

@P_05_H thanks for stopping by ;) yep, splurging crazily on fashion is like one of the greatest guilty pleasure ever lol