Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

It was another day in paradise, when you were chosen as one of the representatives of UK's 1000 Faces by Rankin (

Yeah. He was doing his own portrait by taking pictures of 1000 UK People which considered having strong and very own individual characters. Those who were interested had to send a motivation essay plus anything that relates to their individual character expression, and also a portrait. He then chose those faces, and took their pictures as 'his own portrait' as the photographer; those pictures united as one, is Rankin himself.

But instead of wondering how he would feel like, I'd rather think about my other day in paradise ; having myself dressed up and shot by Rankin (

I was first really confused about the styling and the mood for the picture. Rankin did the pictures of Heidi Klum to Kate Moss. Lily Cole to Kylie Minogue--he had seen so many gorgeous women, and I couldn't really compete with that in person! So I told myself, I need to do the best styling! They were selling out my character, so I was the one who was urged to do all the concept and essentials. I was out of ideas, until the moment of truth finally came out and inspired :

"Most people say if you have no idea what to wear, you should go for the 'less-is-more' thing--but I totally disagree. For me, going for a classic designer piece is the total rescue. It never lies--it just never did, and never will. What if you don't have it? Find an up-to-date personality that best defines you in a luxurious way. You would know that much better than I do!"

They might call me snob, but still, I totally agree that the rule that you can never ignore in fashion is 'never look cheap!'

I chose "Vamp" as my theme of the day! It was on the two most wanted personality this season; Vamp and Tomboy, and it went out with my wardrobe perfectly. So this was what I got :)

It was a Jennifer Behr on my head, Shu Uemura lashes, vintage sheer gloves, and a vintage McQueen dress.

What a moment I had back there :)
Definitely, definitely another day in paradise.

Always go to any opportunities that passes by any side of you. Come on, you'll never know :)



PS : BIG thanks to Febrina Wahab and Dwiko Arie Nugroho as the good good company :)


Anonymous said...

ak stuju bgt sm kata2 kamu ttg ksempatan. ambil ksempatan yg bs d ambil rite? heheh,, km bs sampe d tahap ini tu edan bgt siiiii. jd ingin mnyusul dan cpat lulus. ak suka foto kdua, yg stengah badan. kmu sperti mina harker hihi

MITA DIRAN said...

I love the second picture! But why did you not smile? You have a beautiful smile, luv :)

Raden Prisya said...

hohoho, yup betul sekali! aku bener2 cuma asal apply doang wkt ngedaftar, and God knows I HAVE to meet Rankin haha. aww mina harker! fierce! thank you bebe ;*

hahaha, vampire just never smiled do they? but thank you sweetloveee ;D